The Six Lawn Diseases You Should Watch Out For

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Lawns contain a plethora of different grass plants. When one of these plants becomes weak or stressed, it’s vulnerable to various diseases that spread quickly throughout the lawn, killing the grass and leaving noticeable marks.

Prevention of these lawn diseases through proper care is the most effective strategy, but they may appear regardless. If you notice signs of diseases in your lawn, fighting them with fungicides can help stop the spreading and allow your grass plants to recover. So, how do you know when your lawn is diseased?

To help you identify different lawn diseases and fight them as soon as they appear, our team at Specialized Property Care has assembled a list of some common ones. Contact your lawn mowing experts in Sioux Falls at Specialized Property Care for more tips on maintaining a healthy lawn.

Brown Patch

Brown patch is a common lawn disease that typically occurs during the hot and humid summer months. As the name implies, brown patch appears in irregular patches of brown grass that can be anywhere from a few inches to several feet wide. The disease primarily affects cool-season turfgrasses, such as tall Fescue and Kentucky bluegrass. 

Large Patch

Large patch can look just like brown patch, with a somewhat circular patch of dead-looking grass. Unlike brown patch, however, large patch affects warm-season grasses, such as Bermuda grass, and generally occurs during the wet weather of fall and spring. 

Dollar Spot

Like large patch, dollar spot typically affects warm-season grass like Bermuda grass. However, dollar spot appears in several smaller patches of around two inches in diameter. The interiors of these patches are generally more yellow or light green than brown or large patch, and the perimeters are often a reddish-brown shade.

Snow Mold

Snow mold is a lawn disease that occurs in colder climates with snow. Because the grass is beneath the snow, you likely won’t be able to notice snow mold until spring. Once the snow melts, look for crusty grass patches with a white/gray or pink tint. 

Red Thread

One of the most common lawn diseases in cool, humid climates like the Pacific Northwest, red thread appears as thin red strands extending from your grass blades. Red thread frequently attacks soil that lacks nutrients. If you don’t treat red thread, it can spread and survive for several years. 

Fairy Rings

Like other fungal diseases, fairy rings result from fungi feeding on decaying matter beneath the ground. Fairy rings start with large circles of discolored grass, and water can cause mushrooms to grow on the rings’ perimeters. 

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