How to Prepare Your Lawn for Fall: Best Practices

by | Oct 15, 2022 | Lawn Care

You may not think about how to prepare your lawn for fall. However, performing these key steps can pay off in the spring months to come.

Autumn is a transition period from one extreme climate condition to another. Our helpful tips will help you best care for your entire lawn.

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1. Aerate Your Soil

Aerating your soil involves extracting small amounts of dirt and creating holes in the ground. Aerating helps break up some stiffness to better regulate oxygen, nutrients, and moisture. You can hire a contractor or rent a machine to do it yourself.

2. Water Your Lawn

Don’t neglect your cool-season grasses. Watering is just as critical during the fall months as it is during warm months. Fall watering smooths your greenery’s transition from summer to winter.

3. Attend to Your Weeds

You may believe that your weeds will die off with the cooler temperatures. However, you should apply herbicide to remove them for the later months. Like all other greenery, they will drink in the nutrients and liquids, including weed killer.

4. Fertilize in the Fall (or Four Times a Year)

The best time of year to fertilize is the fall. This season helps grass roots multiply underground during the season. Fertilizing also helps the roots store necessary nutrients for winter.

When learning how to prepare your lawn for fall, fertilization is a step not to skip. Allow your yard to benefit even in the cooler months.

5. Plant More Seeds

Reseeding in the early fall or late summer ensures healthier lawns in the spring. Adding the new grass seed during these optimal temperatures is ideal.

You can also fill patchy areas with a multipurpose lawn repair mix. Furthermore, you can prepare the spots with mulch, fertilizer, and grass seed.

6. Rake and Clean Up Leaves

Raking and removing dead leaves ensures snow won’t turn them into a soggy and clumpy mess. Leaves are easier to handle when dry and won’t negatively affect next spring’s fresh grass. Your lawn will also look beautiful and well-kept in the autumn months. 

You can skip the raking when you attach a collection or vacuum bag to remove all leaves. This step is highly effective when you have a large yard with numerous trees. It prevents unhealthy grass in the spring and delivers beautiful results.

7. Hire a Professional Lawn Contractor in Sioux Falls, SD

Now that you know how to prepare your lawn for fall, we want to provide you with professional lawn care for the colder months. Contact Specialized Property Care, LLC for the best lawn care in Sioux Falls, SD, including prevention of lawn diseases

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