Dormant Grass vs. Dead Grass: Differences and Can I Still Revive Them?

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Many homeowners assume the worst when they find ugly brown spots plaguing their otherwise well-manicured yard. However, brown spots don’t always indicate a dead lawn. Sometimes dormant grass turns brown during California’s hot summer months, making it challenging to differentiate dormant grass vs. dead grass.

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Identifying Dormant Grass vs. Dead Grass: Best Practices

Grass often becomes dormant during drought conditions and extreme weather to stay alive until cooler temperatures arrive. During dormancy, grass will stop growing and appear dead for up to six weeks before returning to its original state or dying completely. It usually takes grass ten weeks or longer to recover and green after dormancy.

Tug Test

The best way to test dormant grass vs. dead grass is to conduct a tug test.

To perform a tug test, simply find a brown patch within your yard and give the grass a slight pull. If you feel resistance, it’s still alive and going through dormancy. However, if the grass comes out easily without opposition, it’s likely dead already.

How to Prevent Dormant Grass From Dying

Regular Watering

Dormant grass requires regular watering to maintain itself during hot summer months. Forgetting to water your lawn will put immense stress on the dormant grass and cause it to die significantly faster. You must maintain your routine watering schedule to ensure your grass survives until temperatures cool.

Minimize Mowing Frequency

Mowing often reduces moisture within dormant grass and can accelerate evaporation. It’s best to keep mowing to a minimum to ensure the grass can recover from dormancy as safely and efficiently as possible.

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