How to Deal with Winter Lawn Damage

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Although you can stay warm during the winter months, your lawn can’t. Many homeowners in Sioux Falls struggle to keep their lawns looking pristine during the cold weather. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to prevent winter lawn damage. 

Lawn care in Sioux Falls by Specialized Property Care can help you keep your lawn looking fresh and green year-round.

What Causes Winter Lawn Damage?

The cold weather can damage your lawn in several ways. 

Snow Mold

Snow mold is the gray or pink material that occasionally appears on lawns when the snow recedes. This will generally disappear when the snow melts; however, it can still cause significant winter damage.  

Crown Hydration

Crown hydration is a common problem that occurs when grass suddenly freezes, causing the turfgrass to absorb a significant amount of water that freezes and expands. 

Winter Desiccation

Winter desiccation occurs when grassroots freeze and are unable to transpire properly. This often leads to brown grass and leaves. 


Voles are small underground pests that scurry just below the snow. They can cause significant damage to a lawn by eating grass and creating mole-like damage.

How to Treat Winter Lawn Damage

Assess the Damage

When treating winter lawn damage, the first thing you should do is check it out. First, dig out a couple of grass plants and bring them inside: If they green up while inside, they are just dormant. If they stay brown and dry, you likely have a dead lawn.

Dormant grass is expected during the winter and will turn green again once the weather warms up. Dead grass, however, requires more extensive treatment. 

Test the Soil

You can test your soil by using a testing kit from the local hardware store or by calling professionals to do it for you. The kit should be able to test the pH level in your soil and tell you whether it’s alkaline or acidic. 


Resodding is the best option if you have several large patches of dead grass. To resod your yard, all you have to do is remove the dead grass and replace it with new sod.


Reseeding, on the other hand, works best for small area repairs. Dethatching and aerating your yard when reseeding can help restore your yard after the winter. Don’t forget to regularly water your grass seed, even after they sprout.

Call the Pros

One of the best ways to revive your yard after the winter is to call professionals at Specialized Property Care. Our fertilization programs can restore your grass after severe winter lawn damage to reveal a fresh, green turf. 

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