What Happens if You Don’t Winterize Your Sprinklers?

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Many homeowners don’t know what happens if you don’t winterize your sprinklers. They assume they can leave their sprinklers out year-round without making any preparations for freezing weather. Unless they live in an exceptionally warm climate, failing to winterize could result in expensive repairs in the spring.

The Risks of Not Winterizing Your Sprinkler System

Many of the risks associated with winter relate to the fact that when water freezes, it expands. Expansion and crystallization of ice within pipes, garden hoses, and sprinklers lead to severe damage. Water lines to the sprinkler system can burst, and ice can destroy drain valves and the sprinkler head itself.

Homeowners can avoid the risk of damage by getting a sprinkler blowout by Specialized Property Care before each winter.

Ways of Winterizing Your Sprinkler System

Manual Draining

If your sprinkler system has drain valves and the water runs downhill within the system, you can turn off the water and let excess water run naturally from the sprinkler lines. If your sprinkler has a backflow device, drain water from this as well. Closing the valves after draining prevents water from reentering the sprinkler system after draining is done.

Automatic Drain

If your sprinkler system has an automatic drain system, it will drain automatically when you cut the water supply and run the sprinkler to lower the water pressure. The backflow device will have to be drained manually.

Sprinkler Blowout

The sprinkler blowout technique is more effective for sprinkler systems that require you to push water up an incline or ensure a more thorough water removal. The sprinkler blowout involves using an air compressor to force air through the sprinkler lines, valve, and sprinkler head.

The Sprinkler Blowout Process

What happens if you don’t winterize your sprinklers? You won’t have to find out if you schedule a sprinkler blowout this fall.  With Specialized Property Care, all you have to do is provide contact details and payment through our online form — we’ll send you an email confirmation of your scheduled appointment.

We will calculate the strength of the air compressor needed based on the size of your sprinkler system. Then, our technician will blow air through the sprinkler lines, valves, and sprinkler heads, and close them so water does not enter.

Choosing Specialized Property Care for Your Sprinkler Blowout and Sprinkler Repair

If you don’t winterize your sprinklers, the entire system can experience failure and need to be repaired. Specialized Property Care is the top choice for professional sprinkler winterization and sprinkler repair service in Sioux Falls, SD. Our owner Charles Haddock offers a personal customer satisfaction guarantee. 

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