What Vitamins Do Plants Need To Grow?

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Anyone who’s ever cared for a plant knows that proper care takes more than the occasional watering. To promote proper plant growth, you must give your greenery the necessary vitamins and minerals to stave off disease and develop its roots and leaves. However, that begs the question, what vitamins do plants need to grow fully?

Here, the team at Specialized Property Care, Sioux Falls reliable lawn fertilizer experts, looks at the six most essential vitamins for ideal plant health and where you can find a fertilizer that uses them.

Vitamin B

Research shows that using a B vitamin supplement in your fertilizer will strengthen your plants and increase their yield. Those benefits lead to fully-grown flowers and plants that liven up your landscape. This also helps boost fruit and vegetable production.


Like vitamin B, potassium is a vital nutrient that strengthens plants in their early stages. In addition, it promotes healthy root growth, helps plants hold water, and increases plants’ resistance to disease. 

Vitamin E

The Sioux Falls cold season is too harsh for most plants to live in, but vitamin E will help them resist those frigid temperatures. Recent studies have revealed that vitamin E lowers plants’ sensitivity to the cold. So, when used in fertilizer, it can improve your greenery’s longevity.  

We’ve looked at what nutrients strengthen plants, but what vitamins do plants need to grow seeds and essential proteins on their own?


Sulfur is one of the most important, as it promotes seed, amino acid, enzyme, and protein growth when mixed into fertilizer. Those essential nutrients ward off disease and help your plants grow faster.


Nitrogen is the most crucial nutrient for growing picture-perfect plants. Like the others, it helps plants grow robust root systems during early growth, but it also promotes healthy leaf development and gives plants a vibrant color.


Magnesium won’t strengthen your plants’ roots or fend off plant disease, but it is a vital nutrient for helping vegetation develop deeply-colored green leaves. 

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What goes into your plants’ soil will affect their health, appearance, and growth cycle more than anything else. However, most commercial fertilizers don’t have the nutrients plants need for healthy development. 

So, what vitamins do plants need to grow? They need a blend of growth nutrients like potassium and vitamin B, temperature and disease resistance vitamins like sulfur and vitamin E, and anything that helps them grow green, picture-perfect leaves.

At Specialized Property Care, we offer perfectly balanced fertilizers that bring the most out of plants. This enables them to survive the challenges the Sioux Falls weather throws their way.

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