How To Treat Over-Fertilized Plants: Is It Possible?

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You can expose your lawn to too much of a good thing. While water and sun can benefit many plants, giving them too much can drown them or dry them out. The same overcompensation can happen with fertilizers.

You may make the honest mistake of over-fertilization. In that case, it is good to know what excessive fertilizing can do and how to treat over-fertilized plants.

How Can You Over-Fertilize a Plant?

Each plant has cells requiring a balance between the soluble salts, water, and cell matter within them. Fertilizers tend to be high in these salts, which can be released differently, including quick-release to slow-release fertilizers. Usually, this fertilizer adds nutrients to the soil.

However, water will go towards a place with more soluble salts. If you surround your plant with too much fertilizer and salt, the fertilizer will suck water in the plant out from the roots. This reverse osmosis damages the plant and drains it of its water.

Here are a few signs that your plant may be over-fertilized:

  • Stunted plant growth
  • A lot of foliage but few to no blooms
  • Yellow or brown leaves
  • The plant begins to wilt after new fertilizer

How To Treat Over-Fertilized Plants

Thankfully, plants are resilient. You can reduce the damage on an indoor plant easier than on an outdoor one, but the method is still effective. The exact strategies of how to treat over-fertilized plants may vary depending on location, but the goal is still achievable.

Try leaching, which uses water to force the soluble salts lower than the roots can reach to allow the plant to recuperate. Before doing so, check the surface of the soil for your indoor plant for a white crust. Because the white crust is additional salt that can damage the roots, you should remove it before leaching and introduce fresh soil.

For outdoor plants, you can leach using an outdoor water hose, turning it on to a slow but reasonable trickle. Leave the hose on for a while. The water will seep into the soil to push the salts under the roots.

In both cases, make sure to remove any damaged leaves or foliage. Leaching cannot reverse the damage, but the process can prevent future damage and help your plants thrive.

Another Way to Fix Your Plants

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