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by | Dec 15, 2022 | Lawn Care

When your yard is blanketed with snow during the winter months, mowing the lawn is probably the furthest thing from your mind. When there isn’t any snow on the ground, though, the grass is still growing, and taking care of it can help ensure that it’s healthy, green, and lush when spring arrives.  

Specialized Lawn Care, Sioux Falls’ trusted lawn mowing company, has some advice for mowing the lawn in winter to protect it from damage. 

1. Never Cut Frozen Grass

When a layer of frost blankets the grass, avoid attempting to mow it — or even walking on it. Frost is frozen water molecules inside the grass blade cells; when you walk on it, the blades can break. The blades may not recover from this cell damage, preventing you from enjoying a healthy lawn in the spring. 

2. Choose the Right Time to Mow

If you didn’t mow the lawn one last time before the cold weather set in, it is okay to do it in the winter months. Because the grass grows slowly during the winter, you don’t need to mow as frequently, but you need to choose the right time. Avoid mowing the lawn in winter when the forecast includes frost within 48 hours since fresh-cut grass is vulnerable to frost damage that could cause bare spots in the spring. 

3. Raise the Mower Deck Height

The mowing height for mowing the lawn in winter should be higher than the summer setting. Because the grass doesn’t grow as fast in cold weather, you don’t need to cut as much off, and cutting the grass too short can damage it. A good rule of thumb is to cut the grass no more than a third of its height.

4. Remove Grass Clippings

Cleaning up the grass clippings after mowing the lawn in winter is essential to maintaining a healthy lawn. During the winter, clippings block sunshine from reaching the lawn, killing the grass. Allowing wet clippings to stay on the lawn also increases the risk for fungal diseases, which can also damage or destroy the grass. 

5. Rely on Professionals for Winter Lawn Care 

To prevent winter lawn damage, let the professionals from Specialized Lawn Care get your yard ready for the winter season. Specialized Lawn Care in Sioux Falls, ID, understands the unique challenges of caring for grass in cold weather and will ensure you have a beautiful, green, healthy lawn in the spring. Our lawn care experts have the skills for mowing the lawn in winter without causing long-term damage, letting you relax indoors without worrying about the grass.

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