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When you live in Sioux Falls, SD, it means that the chilly winter months get here sooner than in most places. Unfortunately, that means you have less time to prepare your irrigation system for ice and snow. What one of the most time-consuming items area homeowners need to address is blowing out their sprinkler systems before winter arrives. Otherwise, you can look forward to busted sprinkler heads and split lines in the spring.

When you remain short on time or lack the right tools to winterize your sprinklers, Specialized Property Care can handle it for you for less. We offer affordable pricing and faster, more reliable service each time you call us. If you have a Sprinkler System then you know how important this service is. Don’t delay and get stuck with expensive repairs in the Spring. Have your Sprinklers Professionally blown out today.

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Once we get your request a member of our team will reach out to you and schedule your service. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us @ (605) 231-5524 Specialized Property Care of Sioux Falls is your one stop shop for all your property needs. We can handle small residential home up to large commercial properties. Give us a call TODAY @ (605) 231-5524 for a FREE Estimate.

Winterize Sprinkler Systems

Everyone knows that water turns to ice when it gets cold enough to freeze. However, what many people forget is that when that happens, the ice expands in the process. It must go somewhere, and much of your irrigation system uses flexible tubes. However, they have rigid sides, which splits right open when the smallest bit of water turns into a block of ice. By the time spring rolls around, the obstruction has already melted, removing all evidence that something seems wrong. It isn’t until you try starting it back up that you realize what had happened. Unfortunately, it is too late. Make certain that your sprinkler system is ready for the upcoming winter season today. Don’t wait until the ground begins turning white before you call us to prepare your sprinklers for winter. Call Specialized Property Care today for the better choice in irrigation system blowouts for your yards.

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