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  • Professional uniformed crew

  • Double Gate Check Policy

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Specialized Property Care of Sioux Falls is your one stop shop for all your property needs in Sioux Falls, Tea & Harrisburg.

We can handle small residential homes up to large commercial properties & even HOA's.

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Weekly Mowing for the best looking lawn!

For Specialized Property Care, our consistent lawn care schedule keeps your grass trim and tidy all season long. Opting for our service means weekly visits from April to October, aligning with the grass's natural growth cycle. This approach ensures your lawn remains well-maintained, presenting a manicured appearance that enhances your property's appeal.

Bagged Grass Clippings?

At Specialized Property Care, we advocate for bagging grass clippings as part of our comprehensive lawn maintenance approach. This practice is not just about maintaining a visually appealing lawn; it also plays a crucial role in the health of your grass. Bagging removes excess clippings that can suffocate the lawn, reduces the risk of disease transmission, and ensures a cleaner, more uniform appearance. It's an essential step in our dedication to providing top-tier lawn care services.

Included on all Residential Mowing Plans

Blade Edging along Sidewalks & Driveway!

Edging along sidewalks and driveways by Specialized Property Care ensures a crisp, defined boundary that enhances the overall look of your property. This precision adds a neat, professional touch to your landscape, showcasing meticulous care and attention to detail. It's an effective way to elevate your property's aesthetic appeal.

Included on all Residential Mowing Plans

Sioux Falls Weekly Lawn Mowing Service

Our Professional Weekly Lawn Mowing service includes mowing the entire property, line trimming (weed eating) around all trees, posts, fencing, etc. We edge all sidewalks & driveways with a blade edger and clean up of all grass clippings from concrete, driveways & patios.

Hours of Operations

Mon - Fri: 8am to 6pm

Sat: 8am to 4pm

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