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Sioux Falls Snow Removal FAQ:

What area do you service?
We only Service residential homes in the Sioux Falls Area. We do keep our routes tight and only service select areas. The best way is to request a FREE quote and if your outside our service area we’ll send you an email.
What is the amount of snowfall needed before you provide service?
We offer a 1” and 2” Trigger for our residential homes. Anytime your trigger is reached with continuous snowfall, we will service your property automatically. We go by the NWS Official snowfall totals for Sioux Falls which is taken at the Airport.
What is continuous snowfall?
We get this a lot. We’ll try to explain, So if you’re on a 2” trigger and a snow event comes through on Tuesday night and drops 1.25” of snow and then on Thursday night it starts snowing again and overnight drops another 1.20” of snow you would NOT get service. This is 2 different snow events and you would need to clear your own snow or you could have us come out at the Pay Per Event Price as needed.
How do I know if our trigger was reached?
We send out communication via email so your always in the loop. ALSO we update our Facebook Page before/during/after each event. If you have questions please check our Facebook page before calling.
Do you have a seasonal Snowfall Limit?
No. We will provide unlimited service at your trigger all winter no matter how much or how often it snows.
How close to you clear to my garage door?
If your on driveway only service we get within 2’ of your garage door. Also, our policy is to stay 2-3’ away from any cars parked in the driveway. This is for insurance reasons as we don’t want to chance hitting your car.
When does your Snow Season start and end?
The terms of our snow removal agreements go from November 1st through April 15th.
Will my driveway be clear before I leave for work?
Although we would like to guarantee we will get to you before you leave for work this is not possible and we would be be deceptive advertising if we told you we could have you cleared by then. We can’t know when the snow will start or when the snow will end. We can promise to have your driveway cleared as quickly as possible. We tell our clients if it stops snowing overnight and you leave for work and your property hasn’t been cleared it should be cleared by the time you get home and if it stops snowing during the day and you get home and your property hasn’t been cleared it will be cleared by the time you get up in the morning.
What if the city plows leave a mound at the end of our driveway?
It happens! If the city plow leaves a mound at the end of your driveway and you would like it cleared just email or call and we’ll get you taken care of. This list is as we can fit it in and as a courtesy to our clients. We can’t make any promises as to how quickly we will get there but normally the same day you request it.
Do you offer any Discounts?
YES we DO! We offer seasonal Prepay discount and we offer special discounts for clients in select neighborhoods. If you qualify for our neighborhood discount it will be listed on the quote.
When is Payment Due?
All seasonal Prepay clients must be paid by October 1st to get the Prepay discount. All Per Event Clients are charged the day after the snow is removed.
What are your Prices?

Please refer to our pricing page.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We ONLY accept Credit/Debit Cards. No Checks are expected unless you pre-pay. We still require a card on file but you can mail a check if you prefer

Are you Insured?

Yes, we carry Commercial General Liability as well as Commercial Auto Insurance. We also have South Dakota Workers Comps and pay all Required State and Federal taxes. We RECOMMEND that you only hire REAL companies that FULLY insured.

Is it a problem if a car is parked in my driveway?

No, our highly trained team will work around them. However, please note we will stay 3’ away from any said vehicles per our policies and insurance guidelines. Also, please note that if you have a car blocking your driveway and we are unable to service your driveway and if you want us to make a return trip after the vehicle is moved there is a charge of $30 for that return trip.

Also, PLEASE NOTE…Our drivers will not get out and knock on your door ro have you move your vehicles from the driveway. That is your responsibility. Also our drivers are not required to wait for you to move your vehicle if you try and run out while they are there.

Does your equipment make a lot of noise?

No. We make about the same amount of noise as traditional walk behind snow blower. Most driveways take less than 4 minutes to clear so we can be on and off your property quickly minimizing the amount of disturbance to you and your neighbors. To be honest you will most likely not even know we were there until you get our text message and email. 

Will your equipment damage my driveway or grass? It looks really BIG!
NO. So while our equipment looks large it will not crack or damage your driveway. Our equipment weighs less then you might think and because of how they are designed the weight is distributed over the extra large tires. In fact the pounds per square inch is less than your normal passenger cars.
I have Stone or Stamped/Colored Concrete driveway, can you remove my snow?
NO. We can’t provide service to driveways that are colored as we don’t want to scratch it. Also, we don’t service stone and paver driveways as they can get cut on the cutting edge and can be pulled up which can cause damage to our equipment.
What about water valves in my Driveway?
It is your responsibility as the homeowner to make sure the city water valves are not sticking up above the concrete. You can contact the city and they will lower the valve for you. As you can assume we are not going to be able to see the valve when it’s covered with snow and can’t be responsible for it.
What is your repair policy?
Our drivers are required to record any damages caused to your property on their worksheets at the time of the incident. This information is then extracted from the worksheet at the end of the shift and logged for repair in the spring unless it is of a more urgent nature. Exclusions to this rule include any and all items left in the immediate work area of our equipment (i.e. on the driveway). Examples would be flower pots/planters, downspouts, recycling bins, garbage cans, basketball nets, children’s toys, and extension cords. Also, please do not leave these types of things in your driveway as it can damage our snowblowers. Although our office or driver will usually report a damage directly to you at the time of the incident we always encourage you to verify with the office the day after the snow storm as well if you have any concerns.
Do you over ice melt service?
YES! You can sign up for Our Ice Melt Service. This service is billed separately from the snow removal and available only to those clients that use our sidewalk service. The price is $9 for Internal lot and $13 for a corner lot. If asked for after the crew has been out a $30 trip charge would also apply. Ice Melt is only applied to the sidewalks & walkways. No Ice Melt will be applied to the driveway.
Do you offer Sidewalk Service?

YES. 95% of clients have us do their driveway and their sidewalks. When you sign up for sidewalk service we will clear your front sidewalk and the walkway to your front door. We do not service back patios, side decks, or anything that our crews would have to walk through snow to access.

Also, please know that our Driveway crew’s and our Sidewalk crew’s are different and will be performed at different times. So for example it’s stop snowing at 2am our driveway crews will have started about 2am and our sidewalk crews would start at approximately 5am. We do this as opening your driveway is more important than getting to your sidewalks and by separating the two crews we can get to your driveway faster. You’ll get an email/text when your driveway has been completed and another email/text when your sidewalks have been completed.

When are your driveway markers installed and removed each year?

We make sure all markers are installed by November 1st. We remove all markers between April 1st-15th and this is dependent on weather. PLEASE if you remove the markers early just lay them by your garage and we’ll come by to collect them. If you remove your markers early and we get more snow we will not be able to service your property so your doing so at your own risk.

What if you blow snow on my neighbors property?

We train our drivers not to do this, however, from time to time it will happen. Please just contact our office and we’ll get it resolved.

If I’m at the end of the route will I get poor service?
NO, every client get the same level of professional service no matter where you fall within our routes. We do try and flip our routes every 2-3 events so everyone gets a chance to be “first”.
If I move mid-way through the season can I get a refund?
NO. We would be happy to transfer the service over to the new owner for the remaining of the season. However, we will NOT issue a refund if they choose not to continue service.
Is there a difference between Seasonal PrePay and Per Event?
As for the service no. Both PrePay and Per Event get the same level of professional service and our crews don’t even know the difference. The cost is about the same with the exception that we offer PrePay discounts that are only available to prepay clients. If you can do so we recommend prepaying so you can take advantage of those discounts.

Snow Removal Per Event FAQ:

I’m on the Per Event Program can I cancel service anytime?
Yes, We’ll kind of…So we fill up our routes REALLY early and are normally 100% booked by mid-October. What happens is the season starts out slow and the per event clients are only getting charged for 1 or maybe 2 events. Then in February and March that can increase to 5-7 events per month and the cost can get expensive and difficult to afford for a lot of people. This puts us in a spot because when you cancel we are unable to fill that spot as the season is almost over and now we have lost that predicted revenue. Because of this we charge a cancellation fee of $250 for any Per Event client that cancels before April 15th. The only exception to this is if you hire us for a “Vacation” service and we have a start and end date determined before you sign up. These spots are limited.
My neighbor did my driveway this time can I skip service?
NO…It was very nice of your neighbor to help you out and we need more of that, however, we can only take on so many snow removal clients each season and we depend on the revenue to pay our employees, shop lease and other business expenses. Once you are on our schedule for the season that space is yours and you will be charged for each event even if we don’t complete your service.
How do you determine bill depth?
This is a question we get asked a lot by our new clients. We use common sense and logic when determining the bill depth for per-event clients. However, with that said we do not measure the snow at each property and we rely on the Sioux Falls NWS and use their official snowfall amount for Sioux Falls.

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