How to stop weeds before they grow!

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Uncategorized

Hey guys! Charles here Specialized Property Care and it’s a beautiful day out. We got thunderstorms in route down so we’re trying to we’ve been out all day getting fert and pest control done. Trying to get as much done as we can coz it looks like after today. It’s just rain more rain and more rain after that. So, but what I really wanted to talk about. See all that yellow down there? Yeah! That’s pre emergents, pro diamine that’s what we’re using. We’re killing the weeds before they even start hypothetically. So basically what we do and if you can kind of like kind of look at it here all this yellow. This yellow is actually a it’s called pro diamine and it’s basically coating the fertilizer. So as we put the fertilizer down this pro diamine is attached to the fertilizer it’s gonna break up, it’s gonna dissolve down into the soil and then what it does is it creates a barrier and it prevents the crabgrass, the dandelions, the broadleaf weeds. It prevents these weeds from germinating. Basically a nutshell, so you’re stopping these things before they even grow. That is the key don’t wait until June, July when your yards full of weeds. We can take care of that but it’s much easier to just do it now. So if you’re doing it yourself go down to the hardware store make sure that the fertilizer using has it’s usually coated as a crabgrass preventer but make sure it has some kind of pre emergent in there. You want to get those pre emergent down probably in the next week to maybe three depending on soil temps. But it’s very very very important get those pre emergents down I can’t stress it enough you want to get the pre emergents down okay? If you haven’t had a company come do it, call somebody, get them out. That I’m get the free merchants down. It’s gonna make your yard look better, it’s gonna make your life much easier, you’re not going to be chasing weeds all year. Like, we have like lasher pre-emergents went down late. We dealt with weeds all year. So get the pre-emergents down. If any questions, let us know I hope this helps. Have a great day! Talk to you guys later. Bye.

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