How Many Inches of Snow Can a Roof Hold?

by | Feb 15, 2023 | Snow Removal

Snowy roofs and yards may look charming, but many homeowners may look at the piles on top of their houses and wonder, “How many inches of snow can a roof hold?” The answer depends on many factors that change from home to home. Learn how to tell if your roof has too much snow on it from Sioux Falls’ residential snow removal experts.

Determining How Much Snow Is Too Much on Your Roof

The average roof can hold about 20 pounds of snow per square inch. For most roofs, the maximum amount of snow a roof can hold is 40 inches of fresh snowfall, but the exact amount varies based on several factors, including:

Your Roof’s Design

Steep, smooth roofs with high pitches and peaks can handle more snow load than a flat roof can. These types of roofs also tend to dump the snow as it becomes heavier, keeping themselves clear.

Your Roof’s Material

Metal roofs can withstand the heavy weight of snow better than slate or asphalt roofs. However, budget-friendly asphalt shingles can handle a lot of snow as well, plus you can easily replace them should any become damaged over the winter.

The Type of Snow

A cubic foot of packed wet snow can weigh as much as 20 pounds, while the same amount of loose, fluffy snow only weighs seven pounds. Knowing the type of snow helps you answer, “How many inches of snow can a roof hold?”

How to Remove Snow from Your Roof

If you’re watching inches of fresh snow accumulate on top of an already-snowy roof, you may wonder when you need to worry about removing the snow. 

Heavy snow on your roof can cause everything from shingle damage to a roof collapse, so when you notice too much accumulating, you can remove it yourself with a roof rake. These elongated tools can reach up the sides of your roof and let you pull snow down to the ground. 

Remove only as much snow as you need to maintain a safe and healthy roof, otherwise you might accidentally yank up roofing shingles and cause more damage than you’re preventing. Rake carefully and plan for the snow to fall strategically so you don’t accidentally end up dumping snow on yourself or passersby.

Hire Professional Snow Removal Experts to Keep You and Your Roof Safe All Winter Long

If you’re wondering, “How many inches of snow can a roof hold,” you may already have too much snow accumulation. Save yourself from dealing with a damaged or collapsed roof by hiring the snow removal experts at Specialized Property Care in Sioux Falls, SD. Call (605) 231-5524 for an estimate on removing snow from your home’s roof.

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