The Difference Between Two Round Up Products

by | Apr 3, 2019 | Uncategorized

Hey guys! Charles here Specialized Property Care and you know I’m actually here at Home Depot. Picking up some stuff and I saw something and it made me think last year we would get calls. People saying hey I used a wheat product on my lawn and now my lawns browning out and well it turns out they were using roundup on their lawn. Well and here’s the problem I’m gonna show you here so you got the roundup section right? Get the roundup section. If you look real closely and I’m gonna try to drop down here. These two products right here, they are not the same product. This one right here this will kill everything, it’s gonna kill your grass, it’s gonna kill your weeds. So this you want to spray in the rocks around your house, you can spray around your air conditioner, you can spray it anywhere you don’t want the grass to grow. This roundup product is actually meant to kill weeds in your lawn you you can basically in a nutshell if you use this product on your grass you couldn’t kill your grass. So again roundup, roundup they look the same they come in the same kind of bottle they have just a slightly different label. So make sure when you’re using herbicides that you’re reading the labels and that you understand the product that you’re using and where to apply it. If you ever have questions, if you flip this around on the back. All these parts are legally required to have full blown instructions on how to use, where to use the application rates. They’re legally required to have this so every product will have this.If you ever have questions, flip it over read that label and that will walk you through it. So I hope this helps roundup for your rock beds. Do not use roundup on your lawn and use a weed product on your lawn. That’s safe for your lawn so you don’t kill your lawn so. Have a great day! If you have any questions, let us know.Bye.

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