Snow Removal Terms Of Service


Service Definition: 

Driveway Service: Snow Removal means blowing snow from Driveway area to any permissible area nearby. Our Stacking or hauling of snow, sanding, salting, de-icing or hand shovelling are not included unless otherwise specified.

Sidewalk Service: Snow Removal means either shoveling and/or blowing snow from sidewalks and walkways to any permissible area nearby. Stacking or hauling of snow, sanding, salting and de-icing are not included unless otherwise specified. 

Ice-melt Service: is available for sidewalks and walkways for $7 internal lots and $10 for Corner lots and is completed by the shovel crew while they are at the property. You must sign up for this service in advance so we know to apply it.


Sidewalk Service: Walkway shovelling service, if you signed up, is performed separately from the driveway service and will begin at the end of the Event. This service does not include the removal of snow accumulation resulting from roof cleaning, drifting snow, or the removal of ice from the walkway resulting from freezing rain, sleet or compaction. Shovelling of snow in front of garage doors as well as the front steps/walkway is included with sidewalk services, however excessively large porch areas or back decks may won’t be serviced unless otherwise noted. Sidewalk crews may take up to 12 hours from the end of the snowfall to complete their routes.


Snow Markers: Specialized Property Care will install two snow markers on the street side of the driveway prior to the snow removal season. These Markers have “Snow Removal” on one side and “(605) 231-5524” on the other. THEY ARE REQUIRED to guarantee our service as our crews are trained to look for and service the properties with these markers. If you remove the markers and they are not present when are crew arrives your service may be skipped. If a return trip is requested, the standard “Per Event” rate would apply. 


Depth Measurement.  Snow depths are determined based on NWS Sioux Falls reporting. The depth of snow can vary greatly depending on location, even on the same property and we do not measure with a ruler at each property. Most of the time our clients are happy with the decisions we make. However, if you feel you were unexpectedly skipped please call or email and we will quickly dispatch a crew to your property. Also, because we use discretion when we dispatch our crews, there are no credits, adjustments or refunds for work performed (e.g. We serviced your property when you measured 1.9 inches of snow and your trigger is 2 inches).


Service Timing. We work quickly to make sure every client is cleared as quickly as possible. With that being said we make NO guarantee to have your snow cleared within a defined time frame. As soon as the event is over our tractors go to work clearing driveways and our shovel crews go out to start clearing the walkways. In a normal event we typically have all our driveways cleared within 8 hours and typically have all of our sidewalks cleared in about 12 hours. The timing of service visits will vary from storm to storm. Specialized Property Care shall be permitted to clear snow from your property at any time during the day or night. If inadequate space exists on a client’s property for snow storage, whether it be at the onset of the season or as the season progresses, the client agrees to let us use space on the side of the driveway or to make alternate arranges for snow storage with an adjoining neighbor.


Damage to Movable Items: Specialized Property Care shall not be held responsible for damages to movable articles left in the designated snow removal area including, but not limited to: basketball nets, garbage cans, recycling bins, plant pots, toys, hockey sticks, extension cords, Christmas lights, etc. Please remove all articles from the driveway, sidewalks and walkways prior to each snowstorm. We won’t be able to see them after the snow has fallen and they will be destroyed by our snow blowers. Also, if we hit something and it gets stuck in our machines YOU WILL BE CHARGED $50 FEE as the snow blower will have to be taken apart to get the item out of it. Basketball nets over the driveway must be turned or elevated to at least 10 feet to provide adequate clearance for tractors. Please have gutter downpipe extensions removed prior to the commencement of the winter season. Elevated water main caps in driveways should be hammered down level with the surrounding surface. The client may either do this him/herself, or contact the City.


Vehicles. Please park your vehicles in your garage, if possible, during snow events so our crews can do a complete clearing of the snow. Vehicles parked in the street or driveway will not be shoveled out. We also cannot clean snow off of vehicles. If vehicles are parked in the driveway when snow clearing is to commence, snow will only be cleared from accessible areas that open into the street and our operators are instructed to stay approximately 2-3 feet away from the vehicle to prevent any possible damage. Services requested that cannot be performed during regular snow removal schedule may incur an additional charge (i.e. cleaning areas where vehicles were removed, snow shovelled from roof, etc.). If you want us to make a return trip later to clear the driveway you’ll be charged $40 Trip Charge.


Notice. We send invoices, notifications and updates via email. It is the customer’s responsibility to update that email address if it has changed. We also update our Facebook page throughout the events when our crews have been dispatched. 


Skipping Policy: This is for our “Per Event” Clients. Once you are on our Snow Removal schedule, that spot is being held for you. We don’t overbook ourselves and do turn away other potential customers when consider ourselves to be full. We budget our labor and equipment according to the number of clients we plan to service. For this reason, we can not allow for any skipping of service. If we show up and your property is already cleared or is in the process of being cleared, you will be billed for that service, even if you have notified us ahead of time that the service is not needed. 


Cancellation Policy: 

Seasonal Prepay Clients: In the event of sale or re-occupation of the client’s house, this contract will not be canceled or refunded, but may be transferred into the name of the new occupants or transferred to the new location if it is within our current service area. After November 1st, NO REFUNDS will be given.

“Per Event” & Monthly Billing Clients: Clients that elect to Pay “Per Event” or use us year round and contract us under a Monthly Billing Plan amount for all of your services understand that we are holding and reserving their space for them for the ENTIRE season. Due to the nature of snow removal, once our routes are full we do turn away other possible clients and would be unable to fill your spot once the season has begun. PLEASE NOTE – if you hire us and cancel after November 1st but before April 15th, you will be charged a $250 Cancellation Fee. This fee is NON-NEGOTIABLE. 


Billing & Payments: Payment for your “Per Event” service is conveniently billed to your debit or credit card after service is provided. By providing your credit card information you authorize Specialized Property Care to charge the credit card for the service you accepted upon completion of each service. 


Past Due Accounts: In the event that your card on file is declined or payment is not received, your services will be suspended until the balance is paid in full. A delinquency of more than 30 days will result in the termination of this agreement, the $250 Cancellation Fee and a collection fee of $65 will be applied. After 30 days delinquent, your balance will be processed for collections.


Renewal: Specialized Property Care will automatically renew your Snow Removal service from year to year until you notify us to discontinue service. We email you ahead of time, typically in Summer, with a reminder that you are on our schedule for that season. We’ll also communicate with you throughout the summer so you will know you are on our schedule.  If you need to cancel Snow Removal during the summer renewal timeframe, simply let us know via email and we will cancel your snow service off for the next season. 


Communication: We send invoices, notifications and updates via email & text messages. We DO NOT send invoices or notifications via USPS Mail. It is your responsibility to update your email address if it has changed so you can continue to receive our updates. We also update our Facebook page throughout an event. By providing your cell phone number, you give us authorization to send you updates via text message.


Liability: Should a customer’s property be damaged by any failure of Specialized Property Care to fulfill its obligation, Specialized Property Care shall repair or replace such damaged property. Specialized Property Care will not be liable for any scratches, rust marks or damage caused to heaved, chipped or uneven asphalt or interlock surfaces. Minor scuffs on concrete and/or staining is a normal consequence of snow removal equipment and should be expected. Specialized Property Care shall not be held responsible in any way for damages due to icy or slippery conditions or for any damage due to acts of God/Nature or circumstances outside the reasonable control of the company.