Does Cutting Grass Help It Grow? What You Should Know

by | Apr 15, 2023 | Lawn Care

Most Sioux Falls, SD, residents want their lawns to grow and thrive to increase their property’s curb appeal. Many believe cutting their grass promotes growth and helps their lawns develop faster. So, does cutting grass help it grow?

To help Sioux Falls homeowners separate fact from fiction, Specialized Property Care created a guide to teach you if cutting grass helps it grow.

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Does Cutting Grass Promote Growth?

A well-manicured lawn will help your property reach its full visual potential while ensuring the grass stays healthy and alluring. However, many wonder if cutting grass helps it grow during the spring and summer. So, does cutting grass help it grow?

Yes, cutting grass can help every type of grass grow if executed correctly. That said, mowing your lawn incorrectly can impede growth and reduce your lawn’s overall quality. You must understand how to mow your lawn correctly to ensure it thrives during Sioux Falls’ spring and summer seasons.

How to Mow Your Lawn Correctly

Avoid Cutting Grass Too Short

Most lawn care specialists advise against cutting your grass shorter than two inches. Mowing your lawn too short can cause the grass to grow improperly, diminishing its overall health. It often leads to a shallow root system, making it difficult for grass to obtain essential nutrients.

Use a High-Quality Mower

Having first-class lawn care equipment makes mowing faster while ensuring quality results. Always use a high-quality mower with sharp mower blades to guarantee an even and efficient cut. Mowers with dull blades can’t cut grass effectively, potentially causing uneven cut patterns that decrease your property’s curb appeal.

Also, quality mowers can cut through overgrown lawns with ease. They make the process less strenuous, making route lawn care easier than ever.

Don’t Pick Up Grass Clippings

Many Sioux Falls homeowners pick up and dispose of grass clippings after mowing their lawns. However, grass clippings make excellent compost and help freshly cut grass heal and grow. Grass clippings provide nutrients to your lawn while helping the soil retain moisture.

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