Snow Removal Guidelines

Thank you so much for allowing us to help you with snow removal this season at your property. This is a guideline to help answer general questions and is a condensed version of the FAQ on our website but in no way encompasses every scenario.

Snow Removal is defined as removing snow from driveways and walkways and private roads. Snow is defined as snow that has fallen from the sky during an actual snow event. Drifting and/or blowing snow after the initial service has been completed is not considered a new snow event.

We have and always will continue to remove snow as safely and quickly as possible but factors beyond
anyone’s control could result in delays.

      • Trigger depth: we determine snowfall depth by reports from the National Weather Service. When your selected trigger depth has been reached, we will create a snow dispatch to prepare snow removal services for your property (ACCUMULATING SNOWFALL, NOT PRECIPITATION). NOTE: in the event another system is forecasted to occur within 12 to 18 hours we may not begin until the conclusion of the next snow event.
      • Timeframe for Service: All Snow removal will begin when the snow system has passed, the snow has stopped falling and the wind has subsided and then will be completed within 24-36 hours. In the event there is a significant snow event resulting in accumulations of more than 10” of snow and/or excessive drifting created by high winds or a combination of both, and other factors such as impassable City streets, equipment failures, etc. snow removal could take up to 36-48 hours. Snow removal is 24/7 and can begin at any time of the day or night, including throughout the middle of the night.
      • In many cases, we remove snow before the city clears the streets. The City does have snow gates, but sometimes they may not be used. After the snow plows have come by, they may leave a windrow at the base of your driveway. We will not automatically come back and remove those. If you let us know via phone call, email or text message, we will ensure this is cleared the day after the conclusion of service, typically 36-48 hours after the snow has stopped.

    *** If you belong to an HOA, the resident may contact the board or property management company to advise of any re-servicing needed. The Board can request service directly or through the property management company (whichever they have determined to be the best course of action) within 24 hours of the snow removal service completion. Once requested by the board we will complete within 24-36 hours after notification of the same.

    •  Use of equipment: The equipment we use will be at our discretion based on the snow event, depths and
      drifting. Any damage to the concrete or hard surface due to normal use of equipment is not our liability unless it was due to our negligence in operating the equipment. Keep in mind, contact with any heavy metal object on a concrete surface will result in scrapes, scratches, rust marks, and gouges to the surface and we are not responsible and cannot be held liable if this occurs.
    • Ice accumulation and/or compacted frozen snow removal is not included but available and billed separately.
    • Staking of Drivewalks and Sidewalks is done at our discretion. Homeowners are welcome to stake their
      own properties if they would like, however, we are not responsible for stakes that are damaged during snow removal.
    • We are not responsible for damage to items that are within 24” of the driveway edge or items that are on driveway or that are near/or on a sidewalk that cannot be seen. Examples include but are not limited to landscaping and/or solar lights, Christmas lights, extension cords, bikes, toys, rugs, newspapers, downspouts, planters, yard decorations, holiday decorations, etc. There may be a charge to the homeowner for downtime and/or damage to our equipment for your failure to adhere to this rule.
    •  Vehicles that are parked in driveways are considered an obstruction and snow will be cleared where possible – but not within 3-5 feet of said vehicle to avoid any damage. Just as the City of Sioux Falls does not come back to clear snow from the street due to cars left out, we will not come back to clear the remaining snow unless requested by the homeowner and this service will result in an additional hourly charge billed to the homeowner.


    Basketball hoops should be 10’ high if it overhangs the driveway.

    Trees hanging over the driveway should be trimmed up 12’ as heavy wet snow will push branches down even lower.

    If a car must be parked in the driveway, park all the way to one side leaving at least 9 feet of open space next to the car

    Place your trash off to the side of the driveway so your whole driveway can be cleared.

    2 Cars: Preferred Parking: If two cars are in the driveway they should be parked side by side close to the garage

    2 Cars: Alternative Parking: Pull up cars as close to each other as possible and make sure they are all the way to one side.

    DO NOT leave newspapers in your driveway. Frozen newspapers left in driveways will get sucked into the blowers and cause damage.

    Check for manhole covers and water shut offs. If these are in your driveway they must be flush or below grade. They CANNOT stick up even 1/4”.

    DO NOT run extension cords or hoses on your driveway. These will get tangled in our machines and cause damage and down time.

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