How To Improve Soil Quality for Lawn

by | May 15, 2023 | Lawn Care

Your lawn makes a statement. It also provides an area to relax or entertain. If you want to keep it looking healthy, the first is learning how to improve soil quality for lawn spaces.

Below, Sioux Falls’ leading lawn care service shares more about improving soil quality for a great-looking lawn year-round. Whether you need snow removal, sprinkler repairs, or lawn mowing by Specialized Property Care, we do it all.

#1 Test the Soil

You can’t adequately improve your lawn’s soil health without knowing which nutrients it contains. Every lawn will be different, so test the soil to obtain its unique composition.

The following signs indicate that you need to call a professional to test your lawn:

  • Dry or cracked soil during the summer
  • Difficult to poke holes (very hard soil)
  • Yellow or dead leaves in the surrounding plant life

#2 Prepare the Ground

What did the soil test reveal? A lawn may suffer from problems like clay soil, lack of oxygen, or unbalanced PH levels. You can cure these issues through various organic add-ons and fertilizers, so speak to a team like Specialized Property Care about which nutrients and organic materials work.

#3 Aerate the Lawn

An unhealthy lawn may just need some fresh air. Aerating involves poking three-to-four-inch holes in the ground to improve the air circulation in the lawn’s root system. It will also allow nutrients to flow and healthy bacteria to work better. 

Aerate the lawn at least twice a year, more if it faces heavy foot traffic that compacts the soil.

#4 Compost Year-round

You might have heard that cut grass on your lawn will hurt your soil, but the opposite is true. This grasscycling concept adds newly cut grass and compost for soil improvement. As these elements decompose, the grass clippings add valuable nutrients to your lawn. 

So. don’t remove your freshly cut grass!

#5 Mulch Damaged Areas

Are you wondering how to improve soil quality for lawn recovery? Mulch is a great solution. It helps your soil surface retain water, increases plant growth, and decreases weed growth. 

To ensure your lawn gets the right type and amount of mulch, chat with an experienced team like Specialized Property Care before you apply anything.

#6 Practice Lawn Maintenance

  • Fertilize your lawn twice a year.
  • Water six to eight inches deep for two to four hours at a time.

A team like Specialized Property Care usually does lawn maintenance every six months.

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Now that you know how to improve soil quality for lawn care purposes, you might want to take advantage of Specialized Property Care’s fertilization & weed control, pest control, mowing, or irrigation start-up & repair. We can also prevent lawn diseases to keep your yard looking pristine!

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